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Tailor Made All Sheepskin

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Our sheepskin seat covers have unique qualities.

1) The fibers of our natural sheepskin can breathe.  Each fiber is hollow which allows cool air to flow through them in the summer.  This effect will tame hot car or truck seats.  In the winter sheepskin will act as an insulator, with the ability to keep warm air close to the body.  Seat heaters will work, but many will stop using them.

2) Our sheepskin seat covers are durable and expertly constructed.  Natural sheepskin fibers can be bent over 20,000 times without breaking.  When you check the seams of our covers you will immediately notice the high level of craftsmanship.  If there is any problem at all we will find a solution.

3) Sheepskin seat covers are dirt and bacteria resistant due the natural lanolin present.  Also, in combination with the tanning process we use, they will not shed.

4) Sheepskin is naturally resistant to water, static and fire.  If you are looking for sheepskin seat covers for your airplane, we have an official flammability data sheet on file.  We will need measurements for most airplanes and RVs.

Bowron Goldstar Sheepskin Rugs

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We also offer beautiful Bowron sheepskin rugs.  

We choose to sell Bowron Rugs, because they have been hand crafting sheepskin rugs for over 100 years.  They are available in up to 8 pelts and are very beautiful.  We don't want to drop any names (yes we do), but we have sold a very large order to a famous California hotel and also a very well known celebrity in Las Vegas.

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